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Hi! I am Gwen Buehler, owner and founder of Perfect Solution Marketing – the virtual marketing department to grow your business.

I started this company because I saw an immense need for marketing support for small to mid-size businesses struggling to start, continue, or elevate their marketing efforts in order to grow their business. When most entrepreneurs start their business, marketing is often the last item on the long list of things to do. Not because they feel it isn’t important, but because marketing feels like a giant mountain that you know you have to climb, but is so overwhelming you don’t even want to start.  Because of this, creating a marketing plan, actually implementing it, and tracking the results in most small businesses rarely happens – thus resulting in lack of repeat, referral and new business. 

I wanted to create a “perfect solution” for businesses that are ready to take the marketing leap!

I have worked in both graphic design and marketing for 20 years, and held marketing director positions over these years before launching Perfect Solution Marketing. I approach my work with the ultimate goal of providing quality support and service to business owners who are passionate about what they do, and want to see their business grow. I believe that every business should be worked with individually to establish what is important to them – budget, short-and long-term goals, company vision, branding and more.

The Perfect Solution Marketing team includes a graphic designer and webmaster to provide high quality design and website services if needed. If businesses we work with already have preferred partnerships with graphic and web designers, we happily (and successfully) work with them too!

Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank, and it should be fun! I am confident that working with the professional team at Perfect Solution Marketing will be exactly what your business needs to grow.